Optimized for flatbed digital printing, Maxmetal® DP comes with a low tack protective liner that reduces residue, static and preparation time. Having this protective liner makes it ready-to-apply for vinyl graphics. To prepare for flatbed printing or screen printing make sure the panel is clean of all dust or dirt. If necessary, wipe the panel down with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol. If flatbed printing, be extra careful to avoid getting fingerprints on the substrate. If printing on a flatbed printer, make sure the printer profiles are set up and you have tested the ink adhesion on a smaller scale. For screen printing, confirm the weatherability and adhesion of the ink or paint you will be using. Maxmetal® is receptive to ink or paint with an epoxy base or urethane base two-part type ink or paint.

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We know that it is hard to be an expert when it comes to every application, every media and every printing process. That’s why Maxmetal® features flexible products supported by a team of knowledgeable sign printing specialists.

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