Cutting & Fabrication

Cutting & Fabrication


Sawing Maxmetal® is an easy process that can be done with ordinary commercial metal and woodworking equipment. When saw cutting, it’s best to move the saw blade rather than the panel to reduce scratching. Additionally, due to the low thermal conductivity of Maxmetal® it can be cooled down easily.


Maxmetal® can be routed with ease, using conventional routing equipment. For groove routing (for scoring), it’s recommended routing the rear of the panel(s) to 2.5mm deep, as you’ll route through the exterior aluminum as well as some of the polyethylene core. Consult with your router manufacturer for proper speeds and settings.

V-Grooving & Bending

Maxmetal® can be bent to create an inside and outside corner by routing on one side of the panel, known as making a v-groove. When bending your groove at 90 degrees, the bending radius will be 3 to 3.5mm. The minimum radius Maxmetal® can be bent without having to route the back skin of aluminum is forty times the thickness of the panel being curved. For example, a 4mm panel can have a 160mm minimum radius.

Hand Cutting - Score N Snap

One easy method for cutting Maxmetal® is with a simple box cutting knife. No fancy panel saws or routers are needed. Firmly secure the straight edge in the desired location and score Maxmetal® with a knife blade, its that easy. Depending on the thickness it usually takes only 2-3 scores.

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We know that it is hard to be an expert when it comes to every application, every media and every printing process. That’s why Maxmetal® features flexible products supported by a team of knowledgeable sign printing specialists.

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